Annual Home/Property Inspections:

The King Farm Board of Trustees (BOT), along with the Architectural Design Trust Committee (ADT), is committed to ensuring individual lots are maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed in the King Farm governing documents. Such efforts are critical to preserving the quality of the overall community appearance, as well as property values. The Board of Trustees selected HOA Inspection Services (now Community Inspection Services – CIS), a 3rd party vendor, to conduct individual lot inspections throughout the community to maintain a more consistent schedule.

Please note: A new inspection cycle began in January 2021 and is currently underway. However, Management continues to investigate resident complaints, perform periodic maintenance inspections, and perform alley light and trash inspections, in addition to the annual lot inspections.

Fall 2021 Update:
  • All single-family & townhomes in King Farm have been inspected and 1st and 2nd notices have been sent to homes with maintenance items that need to be addressed.
  • Final notices will be sent out in the coming weeks and those residents who don’t correct the cited violations, will go to hearing before the BOCC.

CIS Inspection Process Overview:

  1. 1st Inspection & 1st Notices – Jan. 2021 thru end of May
    • If a notice is received, residents will be provided time to make repairs prior to re-inspection and given a reinspection date.
    • Keep in mind, there is a lag time between when pictures are taken and new notices are sent.
  1. 2nd Inspection – May thru August
    • Re-inspections will start on/after the date provided on the notice.
    • Typically takes 3 weeks for re-inspections to be performed, data review, and new notices to be printed/mailed.
    • Even though some issues may be corrected prior to reinspection, all re-inspections will take place at the same time. **There are NO individual notices issued if items are corrected prior to re-inspections.
  1. 2nd Notices – Compliance dates range from Sept. thru Nov.
    • Any outstanding items will be noted and additional time to make repairs prior to final re-inspection. A date for the final re-inspection will be provided.
  1. Final Notices – in progress
    • If corrections are not complete after the 2nd re-inspection, a final notice will be issued and a hearing date will be scheduled with the BOCC.
  1. Final Inspection:
    • A final inspection will take place before the scheduled hearing, and if corrections are made before this time, then the hearing will be cancelled and the case will be dismissed.
  1. Complaint/Notice of Hearing

Lot Inspection Checklist:

The Home Inspection Checklist is used by Management (and CIS) to ensure that inspections are completed in a uniform fashion. Please click the button to view the PDF copy of the checklist. This can be a useful tool for residents to understand what items are cited if they receive a notice.

Information About Notices:
  • If you receive an inspection notice, please note that the letter you receive in the mail ONLY includes black and white copies of the inspection findings (photos). Please login to the “HOA Inspection Services” resident portal to view color pictures that were taken of the findings.
  • Keep in mind that the inspection findings pictures are for perspective. From the pictures it may be difficult to identify the issue in question, but when in doubt please take the time to examine the exterior of your home as some items do not always reflect the same in pictures.
HOA Inspection Services Resident Portal:

Resident Portal:

  • This is for inspection findings ONLY. This is NOT the same as the FrontSteps Resident Portal**
  • Located on your inspection notice is your individual pin number to use to login and view the photos of the items you need to address.
  • Please go to: portal.HoaInspectionServices.com and input your pin number and house number to sign in.
Clarifications and Extensions:
  • If you believe there was an error or if you need to request an extension, you may do so in the portal.
  • Please note that extensions are NOT granted until the “Final Notice” is issued.
Contesting Findings:
  • If you receive a violation letter and you have any of the following issues, they will be verified and corrected/addressed. Please note, to contest findings you will need to login to the HOA Inspection Services resident portal and select one of the options below.
  • Please go to the HOA Inspection Services website and fill out the HOA Response Form to view the alleged violation and make any clarifications or extensions if needed.

Below are the 4 options available to select:

  1. Change of Address/Ownership – the correct owner needs to be contacted. 
  2. Incorrect Home/Location Cited – needs to be corrected.
  3. Contesting Findings – the issue was addressed, but the resident received notice.
  4. Findings Not Warranted –  issue(s) should never have been cited.

For questions please contact Management at management@kingfarm.org