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Annual Home/Property Inspections:

The King Farm Board of Trustees (BOT), along with the Architectural Design Trust Committee (ADT) and the Board of Code Compliance (BOCC), is committed to ensuring individual lots are maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed in the King Farm governing documents. Such efforts are critical to preserving the quality of the overall community appearance, as well as property values. The Board of Trustees selected HOA Inspection Services (now Community Inspection Services – CIS), a 3rd party vendor, to conduct individual lot inspections throughout the community to maintain a more consistent schedule.

Please note: A new inspection cycle will begin in January. Management continues to investigate resident complaints, perform periodic maintenance inspections, and perform alley light and trash inspections, in addition to the annual lot inspections.

2022 Update:

  • All single-family & townhomes in King Farm will be inspected between January and March. Homes with maintenance items that need to be addressed will be sent a notice via USPS mail (we are in the process of working on email notifications as well).
  • Please take a moment to look at the exterior of your home for rotten wood, mold/mildew, damaged or missing components of the homes, overgrown, missing, or dead landscaping, etc.