Lot Inspections (Single-Family Homes & Townhomes):

The King Farm Board of Trustees (BOT), Architectural Design Trust (ADT), and Board of Code Compliance (BOCC), are committed to ensuring individual lots are maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed in the King Farm governing documents. King Farm Citizens Assembly (KFCA) governing documents outline homeowners’ obligations to preserve and maintain the exterior visual character of the community (the items can be aesthetic or structural). These standards and guidelines can be found in the Administrative/Equity Resolutions and in the Architectural Design Guide. To protect the visual appeal and character of King Farm, periodic inspections are performed to ensure homeowners comply with the governing documents.

HOA Inspection Services (Community Inspection Services – CIS) is a 3rd party business partner that assists the On-Site Management Team in identifying deferred maintenance items during community-wide inspections.

What Do We Look For During Lot Inspections?

On-Site Management or the designated business partner visually assesses the exterior of individual lots to identify components or items that need maintenance. Homeowners are encouraged to proactively inspect their lot (especially during season changes) to identify any areas that may need attention. Refer to the exterior checklist below for component names (the list is not exhaustive) and the resolutions below.

Prior to the start of each inspection cycle, a pre-inspection notice is mailed and emailed to the community.
Frequently Cited Violations:

The most common violations cited during comprehensive inspections include:

  • Bricks (broken/damaged, mold/mildew/residue, missing mortar, etc.)
  • Decks (damaged, mold/mildew/residue, not stained or painted, etc.)
  • Dormers (damaged, wood rot, paint peeling, missing trim, etc.)
  • Driveways (depressions/soft area/sinking, broken/cracked, faded/oxidized, etc.)
  • Fences (broken/damaged, wood rot, caps and slates missing, cleaning and paint, wrong style or height, etc.)
  • Garages (damaged, faded, paint required, wrong style, etc.)
  • Gutters (damaged, not properly attached, missing, wrong location, clogged, etc.)
  • Trims (damaged, wood rot, wrong size, wrapped/capped, wrong color, etc.)
  • Windows (damaged, broken glass, torn screens, etc.)
  • Shutters (damaged, missing one or more shutters (esp. in front of house), missing shutter dogs, faded, etc.)
  • Siding (damaged, mold/mildew/residue, warped, wrong color, etc.)
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Periodic Inspections:

In ongoing efforts to maintain King Farm’s aesthetic appearance and a well maintained community, exterior inspections of homes and lots occurs throughout the year that include architectural violations (exterior changes made without approval). These inspections note exterior modifications on residential lots.

In accordance with the Association’s enforcement policies, homeowners are sent notices and provided ample time to address items (unless it is a repeated infraction) identified in the inspection findings. We encourage homeowners to take action promptly to ensure contractor availability and avoid weather delays as the seasons change.

Management does not have maintain individual color palettes for each home. However, refer to the exterior paint colors page to assist in finding your home’s builder and color palettes. There is also information about deck stains, fence paint, and trim color. If you are unsure, select the closest match and contact Management to confirm.

Proactive and Complaint Driven Inspections:

Proactive inspections are ongoing and occur on a scheduled basis throughout the year. These inspections include trash bins, alley lights, landscape, trees, common areas, and holiday decorations. Note: neighbors will call to identify concerns when neighbors are not maintaining their home. Management will investigate and cite those homes not in compliance.

Homeowners are encouraged to review their property plats to determine maintenance responsibility. There are instances where there is shared maintenance responsibilities of fences or other structures with your neighbor depending on the location.

Resale Inspections:

Resale inspections are similar to lot inspections but more comprehensive. They are performed as part of the resale package purchased by the seller. Please refer to the resale page for more info.