Annual Community Inspections:

As a planned community, King Farm has certain recorded covenants which require its owners to take certain actions to preserve the aesthetic nature and character of the community. These responsibilities can be found in the Administrative/Equity Resolutions and in the Architectural Design Guide. King Farm Citizen Assembly (KFCA) also has certain responsibilities outlined within these documents. One of those responsibilities is to enforce various covenants and responsibilities that are placed on the owners within the community through inspections.

The King Farm Board of Trustees (BOT), along with the Architectural Design Trust Committee (ADT) and the Board of Code Compliance (BOCC), is committed to ensuring individual lots are maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed in the King Farm governing documents. The Board of Trustees selected HOA Inspection Services (now Community Inspection Services – CIS), a 3rd party vendor, to assist in the process of comprehensive inspections for 2022.

What Do We Look For During Home Inspections?

During an exterior home/lot inspection, we visually assess the exterior of your home to identify any items that need attention or maintenance. Homeowners are encouraged to inspect their own homes/lots frequently to identify any areas that will need maintenance and be proactive.

Some of these items include:

  • Gutters
  • Exterior trim
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Fences
  • Driveways
Frequently Cited Violations:

The most common violations cited during comprehensive inspections include:

  • Driveways
  • Missing Shutters & Shutter dogs
  • Mildew (on gutters, stairways, leadwalks, exterior siding, etc.)
  • Landscaping (overgrown trees/bushes, mulch, weeds, edging, etc.)
Comprehensive Inspections:

In our ongoing efforts to maintain King Farm’s aesthetic appearance and a well maintained community, comprehensive exterior inspections of homes and lots occurs throughout the year. These inspections are done by section and note all exterior modifications on residential lots.

All inspections are performed by a 3rd party vendor and KFCA staff. Staff does not enter fenced yards or access decks during these inspections. In accordance with the Association’s enforcement policies, notice will be sent to provide time to correct items noted to be in violation of the governing documents or policies.  

Builders do not provide the Association with information regarding paint colors or the options which may have been included with the purchase of your home. Please refer to the exterior paint colors page for more information.

Proactive Inspections:

Proactive inspections are ongoing and occur on a scheduled basis throughout the year. These inspections include trash bins, alley lights, grass, trees, common areas and holiday decorations. 

Resale Inspections:

Resale inspections are similar to comprehensive inspections are performed as part of the resale package purchased by the seller. Please refer to the resale page for more info.