On-street parking, whether on public or private streets within the King Farm Community, must comply with the laws and regulations of the City of Rockville as well as the policies contained in the governing documents and policies adopted by the Assembly Board of Trustees. King Farm has both public and private streets throughout the community — PUBLIC streets are labeled on the King Farm map as grey blue streets and have signage that

The City of Rockville enforces parking violations, handles resident complaints (regarding parking), and conducts inspections for parking violations. Street parking requires parking permits and specific parking lots in the community also require parking permits. The KFCA Staff will continue to work with residents to filter complaints regarding parking violations to the City, but ultimately is the residents’ responsibility to report and respond to violations to the City.

KFCA Parking Lot Permits:

There are 4 streets that allow/require permit parking in lots. New homeowners and tenants need to obtain and complete a registration form and email it to Management to receive a parking lot permit. Please email required items below to Management and once we have verified your information we will issue you parking permit(s). KFCA parking permits are free to residents. However, if they are lost, stolen, etc. it is $25.00 per replacement permit.

To obtain a permit you must provide the following:
  1. Copy of your driver’s license(s)
  2. Lease (tenant) or ALTA form (owners). Homeowners receive an ALTA form at settlement.
  3. Car registration(s)
  4. KFCA Parking Permit Registration Form
KFCA Vehicle Policies & Restrictions:

Per KFCA Administrative Resolution #3, the Board of Trustees approved the following vehicle policies:

  • Vehicles without appropriate hang tag can be towed without additional notice.
  • Vehicles may not be parked in the private alleys. Temporary loading and unloading is permitted.
  • No commercial vehicles can be No boats, trailers, buses, trucks or recreation vehicles may be parked within the Community in open view, except that non-commercial pick-up trucks and passenger vans may be so parked.
    • For purposes of this Resolution, “non-commercial” means no visible commercial signage, identification or lettering, and no visible commercial equipment and “open view” means other than within a garage.
  • All vehicles must be parked on a paved surface on a Lot provided for such purpose or in a garage.
  • Junk or derelict vehicles may not be parked or stored in open view within the Community. A junk or derelict vehicle is one which is not operable, or which is missing essential components, including, but not limited to, tires, wheels and window glass. Derelict vehicles may not be parked or stored on blocks in open view within the Community.
  • Vehicles repairs may not be performed in open view within the community
Permit Parking Lots in King Farm:
  • 205 and 229 Cork Tree Lane / 208 Redland Blvd
  • 501 and 503 King Farm Blvd
  • 200 Ridgemont Ave and 201 Poplar Spring Rd
  • 1002 Elmcroft Blvd
  • King Farm Parking Lot – corner of Saddle Ridge Circle and Thompson Dairy. Permission must be obtained from KFCA Management for overnight parking.

*Parking Block W: 201 Poplar Spring Road / 200 Ridgemont Ave lots will receive 1 priority and 1 non-priority hangtag.
*Parking Block Y: 501 and 503 King Farm Blvd – if your building has a parking garage do not need hangtag, but if you do not have a parking garage then you will receive a hangtag.

Report a Parking Violation:

If you need to report a parking violation within King Farm, such as a car parked illegally, cars parked in reserve spots, trailer parking, etc. please contact the City of Rockville Parking Enforcement. Please click the button below to report parking violations online, call (240) 314-8900, or email parking_enforcement@rockvillemd.gov.

City Parking Tickets:

If you have received a parking ticket, you need to contact the City of Rockville to pay or dispute the ticket. To dispute a ticket you must email your complaint to: parking_enforcement@rockvillemd.gov

Ways to Pay a Ticket:

Parking Permits (City of Rockville):

On-street parking is restricted in various areas to ensure fair access to parking. If you live in a street that requires permit parking at certain times, you must request a parking permit for each vehicle.  All residents living in permit restricted parking zones are eligible for parking permits. In addition to the permit, each household receives two visitor parking passes. Permits and passes are only permitted for your restricted parking zone. The City of Rockville has 9 parking districts and King Farm is located in District F.

Eligibility map:

Click here and input your address to see if you are eligible to receive a residential parking permit from the City of Rockville.

How to Obtain A City Parking Permit:

To request a parking permit from the City of Rockville, you will need to complete the application and return to the RCPD police department either in-person OR by mail with payment.

For more information, contact the City of Rockville Parking Division:
Phone: 240-314-8920
2 W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850
Website: https://www.rockvillemd.gov/334/Parking-Permits

City Permits Renewal Rates:

The 3-year renewal rate for parking permits is $6 per car. The rates decrease or are prorated by year in the amount of $2, until the end of each respective cycle. For example:

  • First year – $6
  • Second year – $4
  • Third year – $2
Visitor Passes:

Each household on the permitted streets is authorized two visitor passes for free to use for the duration of the 3-year cycle. Residents are not allowed to use visitor passes. Any person caught using a Visitor Pass unlawfully could be fined $100.