Property Plats:

What is a property plat?

A plat map, also known as a “plat”, “property plat”, or “house location plan”, is an architectural drawing used to show how a tract of surveyed land is divided into lots within a county or municipality. The plat map is drawn to scale and records the land size, boundary locations, nearby streets, and any easements or rights of way. When you purchased your home or property, you should have received a plat map along with other various settlement documents. See sample property plat map below.

https://kingfarm.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/1721/2023/09/SAMPLE-PLAT-CLEAN.jpg Click link to enlarge.

To obtain a copy of your plat, please contact the Land Records Department of the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

  • Montgomery County Circuit Court – 50 Maryland Avenue, Room 212, Rockville, Maryland, 20850
  • Phone: 240-777-9480
  • If your property is located in Montgomery County, you can order a copy of your plat from the Land Records Department. They will give you the book and page number (liber and folio) to enable you to get copies from the Duplications Department. Copies are 50 cents a page. To get additional information, please contact them directly.
Why do I need a plat map?

It is important to locate your property plat because it contains the property divisions to consult when selling or transferring ownership of a property. In addition, it can be useful if there are any questions regarding access to city sewer and water supplies and to double-check other land documents for accuracy.  Lastly, if you have a home improvement project or simply need to know where your property line and easements are, you need a plat map. If you decide to make any non-routine exterior changes to your lot, you will need to include a copy of your plat when you submit a design review application (DRA) to the Architectural Design Trust (ADT) committee.

If I cannot locate my plat, how can I obtain another copy?

If you are unsure of where your property plat is, double-check your settlement documents first. If you still cannot locate your plat, there are a few ways you can obtain another copy.

  1. Use PLATS.NET to obtain a copy of your plat – Subdivision record plats can be printed or downloaded from this online repository maintained by the Maryland State Archives
  2. Land Records Department, County Clerk’s Office – this office makes copies/certified copies of any document recorded in the Land Records
    Phone: 240-777-9480
  3. Info Counter, Montgomery County Planning DepartmentCopies of subdivision record plats can be purchased at the M-NCPPC headquarters building (map and directions)
    Montgomery County Planning Department Intake/Information Counter
    2425 Reedie Drive, 2nd Floor, Wheaton, MD 20902
    Phone: 301-495-4610
  4. Obtain a Copy from The Land Planner/Surveyor – Many of the lots in the community were surveyed by Soltesz.