King Farm Landscaping Information & Updates

Homeowner vs. HOA Responsibilities:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding who is responsible for completing certain maintenance items in King Farm. King Farm is a large open (non-gated) community that sits on approximately 450 acres and is comprised of residential, commercial, and retail properties. Additionally, there are approximately 10,000 people who are a part of the King Farm community.

King Farm has public parks and public streets within its boundaries. You can differentiate City streets from KFCA streets because the street signs will be blue with white lettering. Trees located on [public] City streets are the responsibility of the City of Rockville, including tree maintenance (i.e. trimming and replacement). Also, the City is responsible for any repair and maintenance of [public] City streets and sidewalks.

However,  King Farm Citizens Assembly (The Assembly) mulches the trees on City streets located within the boundaries of King Farm to have more continuity in appearance. The Assembly also maintains the landscaping within the medians on City streets within the community. Additionally, any upgraded elements such as brick pavers that were installed by original builders are maintained by the Assembly as well. Please keep in mind, snow removal of sidewalks abutting homeowner property including the brick pavers in the curb areas are the responsibility of the homeowner.

King Farm Citizens Assembly (The Assembly) is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the private streets and sidewalks within the community. The Assembly is responsible for the trimming and replacement of trees on private streets. The Assembly is also responsible for the maintenance of the alleys and other common areas. While the Assembly mulches the trees in the alleys, most of these trees fall within the property lines of individual homeowner lots and thus are the responsibility of the homeowner (even if the tree is located outside of an alley fence). However, King Farm does mulch and trim trees in alleys (homeowner and common area trees) but does not go into private lots to trim trees.

If you are ever unsure of your exact property lines, you can refer to your property plat (aka house location plan). The property plat is an architectural drawing used to show how a tract of surveyed land is divided into lots within a county or municipality. Homeowners need to review their property plat (usually located with settlement documents when the home was purchased) to determine their exact property lines. Please take time to review individual lot information as well as the community map and City Maps to illustrate the public areas vs. the private areas vs. the homeowner lots.

We hope this information will be helpful for homeowners, but if you need additional clarification, please contact King Farm Management at management@kingfarm.org.

Community Landscaping Updates:

Please view the information below for any upcoming or in progress landscaping modifications in the community. Please use the links below to view any files associated with upcoming work.

Organic Fall Turf Application – Monday 11/21

Community Landscape Services (CLS) will be on the property for Fall turf fertilizer applications. The turf fertilization application is scheduled to begin on Monday, Nov. 21st thru Tuesday, Nov. 22nd (weather permitting).

The King Farm turf program has been organic since 2016. All applications are organic (SDS sheets are included in the linked attachment), and all treated areas will be properly marked. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact management@kingfarm.org.