Board & Committee Contact Information:

KFCA President:
Board of Trustees (BOT):
  • The BOT works with the KFCA President and Management to oversee community improvements,
    projects, and more.
    • Please note that the Board only meets once per month and usually discusses issues during scheduled meetings only. If you have questions regarding operations, those will be forwarded to Management.
  • EMAIL: trustees@kingfarm.org
King Farm Chronicle:
  • The King Farm Chronicle is the community newsletter providing all things King Farm. Andrea Escher is the Editor of the Chronicle.
  • EMAIL: chronicle@kingfarm.org
Board of Code Compliance (BOCC):
  • The BOCC is responsible for reviewing alleged violations of the community codes regarding covenants (i.e., the exterior maintenance and repair of homes/lots).
  • EMAIL: bocc@kingfarm.org
Architectural Design Trust (ADT):
  • The ADT is responsible for reviewing Design Review Applications for proposed resident home improvement projects.
  • EMAIL: adt@kingfarm.org
External Affairs (EA):
  • The EA Committee engages with other groups such as the City of Rockville, to improve community relations.
  • EMAIL: externalaffairs@kingfarm.org