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Board & Committee Contact Information:


KFCA President:

The KFCA President works with Management and the BOT.


Board of Trustees:

The BOT works with the KFCA President and Management to oversee community improvements,
projects, and more. Please note that the Board only meets once per month and usually discusses issues
during scheduled meetings only. If you have a question regarding operations, that will be forwarded
to Management.


Board of Code Compliance (BOCC):

The BOCC is responsible for reviewing alleged violations of the community code.


Architectural Design Trust (ADT):

The ADT is responsible for reviewing Design Review Applications for proposed resident home improvement projects.

External Affairs (EA):

The EA Committee engages with other groups such as the City of Rockville, to improve community relations.




The King Farm Chronicle is the community newsletter providing all things King Farm. Andrea Escher is the Editor of the Chronicle.