City of Rockville Permits & Licensing for Residential Projects

Who is responsible for obtaining a permit to do home improvement projects?

When homeowners apply and receive approval for design review applications to modify their home/lot, sometimes a permit is required. Please read the information below to determine if a City of Rockville permit is required before you make any modifications.

As a reminder, if you are using a contractor, Maryland State law requires home improvement contractors to be licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). Contractors are required to obtain all the necessary permits in advance of starting construction projects. A list of all MHIC licensed contractors can be found by visiting www.dllr.state.md.us.

What happens if work is done without first obtaining the required permit?

  • The City will immediately assess an investigation fee ranging from $100 to $3 00 for each permit that was not obtained.
  • Further, failure to obtain a permit can result in the issuance of a State of Maryland Uniform Civil Citation with fines up to $1,000. If the fine is not paid within the timeframe prescribed by law, the City will send the citation to the District Court for prosecution.

Does the City require an approval letter from a homeowners association?

  • Projects in King Farm that involve exterior modifications, such as new fences, decks, and additions, will require submitting a letter of approval from the Homeowner’s Association at the time of permit submittal.
  • Approved permits must be submitted to King Farm Citizens Assembly (KFCA) Management before the work commences. Any changes or additional permits should also be sent to KFCA Management.

The following licensing requirements apply to residential projects within the City of Rockville:
  • Home improvement contractors are required to provide their State license number on the permit application, in addition to a copy of their State license.
  • Electricians are required to be licensed by the City.
  • Mechanical contractors are required to provide their State HVACR license number.
  • Plumbers and gas fitters are required to be licensed by the City.
  • A mechanical permit is required to erect, install, enlarge alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace a mechanical heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system or equipment.
  • A licensed HVCAR contractor is required to charge and recapture refrigerant from an HVACR system.
  • A licensed Master Plumber or Gasfitter must perform all gas work.
    • Homeowners cannot obtain permits for the replacement or installation of natural gas or propane gas equipment, appliances, piping, or services.
  • Property owners desiring to do their own mechanical work must provide proof that they own the structure where the work is to be done.
    • All work allowed under a homeowner permit must be completed by the homeowner.
  • Persons renting a home cannot obtain permits for work in the rental property.

Building Permits:

If a homeowner applies for a permit, then the homeowner assumes responsibility for the work being in compliance with all applicable codes. Also, the permitted work must occur in the homeowner’s primary residence.

* Homeowners and contractors are advised to contact the Rockville Inspection Services Division in advance to verify which projects require permits.

T: 240-314-8240 E: permits@rockvillemd.gov

General Requirements:

  • A permit is required for all interior and exterior structural alterations or repairs, and some interior non-structural modifications.
  • A permit is not required for ordinary repairs and replacements that are non-structural.
What types of exterior projects require a permit?
  • Permits are required for exterior projects, including but not limited to, new additions, swimming pools, fences, sheds, decks, bay windows, screened porches/stoops, and hot tubs.
  • All exterior construction projects that require the issuance of a building permit must also meet certain zoning requirements related to height and setback distance.
What types of interior projects require a building permit?
  • Permits are required for interior projects including, but not limited to, exhaust fans, new interior walls, removal of interior structural bearing walls, finished basements, finished attics, and new bathrooms.

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