Snow Removal:

The Assembly removes snow and/or treats all private streets (white signs/blue letters), alleys, and common area sidewalks (like the sidewalks at the Community Center,
Pleasant Circle, Route 355, and the bike path on Gaither Road).

The City removes snow and /or treats all of the City streets and City sidewalks, and bike/trail paths located in King Farm. The City clears snow from 160 lane miles of
roadways, 30 miles of publicly owned sidewalks, walkways and pathways, and 18 City-owned facilities and parks with parking lots.

The City crews treat and plow roads in the following priority order:
  • Primary roads consist of major arterial roads, emergency routes, central business districts, and primary residential roads near schools.
  • Secondary roads that consist of the remainder of neighborhood streets, alleyways, and cul-de-sacs.

There are Primary and Secondary streets located in King Farm. Often residents residing on City streets in King Farm are concerned when they see other streets have
been cleared and theirs have not. For more information, call the Public Works Department at 240-314-8500.

Last but not least, all King Farm homeowners are responsible for removing snow and ice from their driveway aprons, their lead walk and any and all sidewalks
adjacent to their property within:

  • 24 hours after a snowfall of 1 – 3 inches 
  • 48 hours after a snowfall of 3 – 9 inches
  • 72 hours after a snowfall of 10″ or more

**Violators can be fined, so make sure you clear your sidewalks! To report property owners or businesses that have not cleared their sidewalks, call 240-314-8330 or complete an online form at

If you require assistance to remove snow or ice, and you do not have the financial means to hire
someone to do this for you, contact Senior Social Services at 240-314-8810. SSS is also looking for volunteers and contractors for snow removal.