Leasing of Units, Single Family Homes or Townhomes:

Owners may lease their homes subject to the provisions of Article III, Section 3-106 of the Charter.

If you decide to do so, please contact the Community Manager to get the most recent information as to leasing requirements.

In summary:

  1. No unit may be rented without a lease.
  2. The lease may not be for less than six (6) months, and a true and executed copy of the lease must be filed with the Management Office.
  3. Copy of a current City of Rockville License Certificate must be provided to the Management Office within 14 days of issuing keyfobs to tenants. If a certificate is not provided within those 14 days, keyfobs will be suspended.
  4. Each lease must contain in its body or in an addendum an indication that the Living Unit is part of the Assembly, the Conservancy, and, if applicable, a Condominium Association.
  5. It must state that the Living Unit is subject to the governing documents and rules and regulations of all applicable Associations.
  6. In order to access our amenities, the tenant will have to fill out the KEY FOB Application Form and have it signed by the owner. Key Fobs will be issued to EITHER THE OWNER OR TENANT, NOT BOTH. There is a fee for key fobs replacement. We recommend that you include key fob information in your lease.

Owners are responsible for the actions or omissions of their tenants, whether such actions cause damage to the common areas or the Living Unit or are a violation of the Bylaws or rules and regulations of the Association. For your own protection, as well as your lessee’s, you should take steps to assure that tenants are aware of and agree to comply with the rules and regulations.

AIRBNB rentals are NOT permitted within King Farm