During the November 15, 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting, the 2024 Draft Budget was approved.

While KFCA did not implement an increase for 2024 fiscal year, the adoption of the 2024 Conservancy budget is expected to take place on November 30, 2023. It is not expected that there will be an increase in the Conservancy budget. A copy of the 2024 Budget Mailing is available in the resident portal (username and password required) or by requesting a copy from management at management@kingfarm.org.

Single-Family and Townhome Owners – If you are not on direct debit, please verify that payments are being send to the correct P.O. Box (see below).

Coupon books are mailed to residents who are not signed up for direct-debit. **Residents on direct debit WILL NOT RECEIVE A COUPON BOOK.

Don’t miss a payment. SIGN UP FOR DIRECT DEBIT; it’s free and easy. Debits occur between the 5th and the 10th of the month.


Approved 2023 Budget:

The 2023 King Farm Citizens Assembly budget was adopted at the November 16, 2022 Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting. The Budget Committee held an open meeting on Wednesday, October 5th to review the 2023 budget. The committee and Management were available to answer any questions. If you have questions or comments, please email management@kingfarm.org.

*The chart below shows the monthly assessment effective January 1, 2023.

Please click here to view the Approved 2023 Budget. Please note, you must login to access internal documents.

  • Coupon books are mailed to residents who have elected to use them and/or are not signed up for direct-debit. **Residents on direct debit WILL NOT receive a coupon book.
    • If you are interested in direct debit or have any other questions, please contact management at 301-987-0122 or e-mail management@kingfarm.org.

Monthly Assessments:

Direct Debit – You do not need to do anything if assessments are paid via direct debit through Comsource. You will not receive coupons and the assessment amount will be deducted automatically from the account on file. If you want to enroll or need to change your account information, complete and submit a new direct debit form (included in the budget mailing) to Amber Finnigan at Comsource: afinnigan@comsource.com.

Bill Pay Via Bank – If you pay assessments using a bank or other institution, you will need to confirm the payee information, delivery date (due the 1st and late after the 15th) account number, and payment amount. This is also a great time to confirm and provide updated contact information (off-site mailing address, email address, and phone number) for owners and tenants to the Management Office. To update your information, complete the online form here.

Remit Payments to:

King Farm Citizens Assembly, Inc.

P.O. Box 37924, Charlotte, NC 28237-7924

If you mailed your December payment to the old P.O. Box, your payment will get redirected to the new address. If there are any issues, please email management@kingfarm.org.

* For more information about payment methods and monthly HOA assessments please visit the HOA Dues & Assessments page: https://kingfarm.org/assessments-faq/.

** for questions regarding your account or assessments, please complete the online accounting form