The Board of Code Compliance:

Upcoming Meetings:

BOCC Zoom Meeting – https://kingfarm.org/zoom-meeting-links/

To join the meeting, you must register. There will be open forum, but please submit your name in advance to Management if you would like to speak. After open forum has ended, please refrain from using the chat feature in Zoom. Meetings are for King Farm Titleholders and Citizens only. Registrants will be verified to ensure participants are titleholders/citizens.

Committee Description:

The Board of Code Compliance (BOCC) enforces community code standards to ensure that citizens/titleholders are properly maintaining their lots and preserving the appearance of King Farm.  If no Board of Code Compliance has been appointed, then the Board of Trustees acts in its place. Citizens may appeal code violation decisions of the Community Architect/ADT to the Board. The Board also has the authority to conduct hearings and levy fines against residents who are found to be in violation of community codes.

BOCC Meeting Schedule:

BOCC meetings are held in the Saddle Ridge Community Center.  Meetings occur on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. *Due to COVID-19 the BOCC will hold virtual (Zoom) meetings.

2021 Meeting Schedule:
January – No Meeting Held
February – Regular MeetingMonday, February 8, 2021
March – Regular MeetingMonday, March 8, 2021
April – Regular MeetingMonday, April 12, 2021
May – Regular MeetingMonday, May 10, 2021
June – Regular MeetingMonday, June 14, 2021 *Canceled
July – Regular MeetingMonday, July 12, 2021
August – Regular MeetingMonday, August 9, 2021 *Canceled
September – Regular MeetingMonday, September 13, 2021
October – Regular MeetingMonday, October 18, 2021
November – Regular MeetingMonday, November 8, 2021
December – Regular MeetingMonday, December 13, 2021

Board of Code Compliance Appointed Members: 

ChairMichael Zuckman2021 – 2023
SecretaryToni Negro2021 – 2023
MemberSharon Waldman2021 – 2023
MemberPaul Scott2020 – 2022
MemberLaura Laudenberger2020 – 2022
Member Vacant

If you need to contact the BOCC, the group email is: bocc@kingfarm.org.
If you are interested in joining the BOCC, please contact Management: management@kingfarm.org.