ADT Design Review Applications (DRAs):

A Design Review Application is what a resident submits to the Community Architect and the ADT for any proposed changes to the lot or home.
The DRA provides the key information needed for the Community Architect and ADT to determine whether the project falls within the
KFCA architectural guidelines. **Due to COVID-19: the neighbor notification portion of the application can be completed via email. 

You may submit a design review form to the ADT in two ways – e-mail or hard copy. 


1. E-Mail: You may submit a DRA via e-mail. Please download the DRA, fill out the PDF form electronically or print and scan it, then e-mail a copy to the
Management Office – Please click here to download the DRA.


2. Hard Copy: You may submit a DRA via hard copy. Please download the DRA, fill out the form, and mail or deliver the application
to the Management Office – 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850. Please click here to download and print the DRA.

Please Note:


Any change(s) to the exterior of your property requires a completed Design Review Application submitted for review
by the Architectural Review Trust (ADT).  If the DRA is incomplete (missing critical information, documents, pictures, etc.) it will not
be reviewed by the ADT.  The Community Architect may request additional information and documents before the application
goes to the ADT.

Applications are due on or before the 20th of the preceding month. For example, you must submit your application by
January 20th to have the ADT review the application during the February meeting. The ADT meets on the 2nd Wednesday of
every month to review applications.

Please look at the ADT Schedule to ensure your application is received in a timely manner.