Welcome New King Farm Residents!

We are excited to welcome you to our community. Please refer to the information below and the Resident Handbook to learn more.

Please contact the Management office if you have any additional questions or view the Community Management page for more information.

KFCA Management Office: 
300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville MD 20850
Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Appointments 9:00 am to 4:30 pm)
Friday, 8:30 am to 2:00 pm (Appointments 9:00am to 1:30 pm)

Please contact the Management office to register to use the following KFCA Amenities:

✓ Pool
✓ Fitness Room
✓ Shuttle Bus

Please fill out the KFCA KEY FOB Application Form and make arrangements to have your photo taken (do not mail the application). The
Key Fob will give you access to the community pools, shuttle bus service, and the fitness room (located at 300 Saddle Ridge Circle). If the previous
owners left you their key fobs, please contact Management. We will issue your new key fobs and verify that we have your information on file.

In order to receive a Key Fob, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. You must live in or own a home in King Farm
  2. Tenants must complete this form, sign it and forward it to the landlord/agent to sign.
  3. Either the owner or the tenant must attach a current copy of the lease with the application.
  4. Key Fobs will be issued to EITHER THE OWNER OR TENANT, NOT BOTH.
  5. Pool access will be denied to any residents who are not in good standing and/or any resident who has not submitted a copy of their current
    lease (if the unit is leased).
  6. Children 12 and over are eligible to obtain their own Key Fob.

For more information, go to the Key Fobs page

Communication with Residents:

  1. KFCA communicates with residents via The Chronicle, a monthly newspaper that is delivered to your home around the 1st of each month. The newspaper provides important information such as announcements, upcoming community activities and much more.
  2. The KFCA website. The website provides a wealth of knowledge and resources and provides answers to many commonly asked questions.
  3. Sign up for the weekly email bulletin to stay informed on policy changes, landscaping/construction updates, upcoming events, and more.

Own a Pet?

The Board of Trustees of the Assembly recognizes that pets often are our best friends and are important sources of companionship. Still, since pets can become a source of community conflicts, some basic pet policies have been established:

  1. When not on their owner’s property, pets must be leashed (unless you have a City of Rockville off-leash permit) or carried and under the control of a responsible person at all times.
  2. They must not be permitted to wander unattended, or to discharge wastes on another owners’ property.
  3. Pet owners are responsible for removing pet wastes from common areas or public parks.

To see a full list of pet policies, please refer to the resident handbook

Homeowner Dues/Assessment Fees:

When you settled on your home, the settlement agent collected and forwarded to the Association your monthly Association assessment for the balance of the month in which you settled and perhaps for the next full month. Settlement information and assessment payments were sent to the Financial Managing Agent, Comsource.

Comsource will contact you shortly in writing to confirm the settlement information and payments received. Shortly after that, you will receive your monthly payment coupons and a correction form for use if there is any incorrect information on the coupons. Payment instructions will accompany the coupons. You will have several payment options: Coupons, Direct Debit, Bill Payer and Credit Card (‘at cost’).

Please refer to the Assessments section of the website for detailed information.

Reside in an Apartment or Condominium?

If you live in the King Farm (I-V) Condominiums, Residences, Baileys Commons (I-III), Village at King Farm Condominiums, or Irvington Center Condominium I, you are a part of a condominium association that has separate policies regarding the use of their property, different trash collection schedules, and different parking rules.

If you live in The Huntington at King Farm or The Trails at King Farm apartments, your buildings are managed by apartment management companies who also have separate policies regarding the use of their property, different trash collection schedules, and different parking rules.

Please see the Tenant Handbook for more information.