Repair, Replacement, & When To Submit a DRA

The Architectural Design Trust has prepared the following guidelines for the Repair and/or the Replacement (and in some cases the removal) of various physical elements on the exterior of your home. They are derived from various resolutions which can be found in the founding documents of the community, i.e. the large document-filled binder you received at closing, or in subsequent amendments or new resolutions passed by the Board of Trustees of the King Farm Citizens Assembly. Additional determinations made by the Community Architect, based on his assigned responsibilities as reflected in the founding documents, are also used.

Completed DRAs should be submitted by the 20th of each month to be reviewed and included on the next ADT agenda.

For further information about any of the repair or replacement categories, please contact the Management Office by email at management@kingfarm.org or call 301-987-0122.