Tree Maintenance (KFCA vs City of Rockville):

King Farm and the City Rockville values its trees and forest areas because of the many benefits they provide to the community. The KFCA and the City will remove trees that are dead,
diseased, severely damaged, or pose a risk to public safety. The City will only maintain and remove trees that are on city property and KFCA will only maintain and remove trees on KFCA property.

–  Maintaining trees in all public open space and public parks (King Farm and Mattie Stepanek Parks)
–  Maintaining trees and removal (if necessary) of street trees located between the curb and sidewalk (blue street signs only)

– Trees on private common area within King Farm
– Curb trees on private streets maintained by KFCA (white street signs only)
– Mulching of trees throughout King Farm (streets, alleys (which are typically homeowner trees), and common areas)

– Elmcroft St., Pasture Side Way, Pasture Side Pl. (not condo lot), Robena Way, Marsh Hollow Pl., 200 block of Cork Tree, 200 clock of Dee Meadow Ln., Silver Glade Pl., 600 – 1000 blocks of Grand Champion Dr., Poplar Spring Rd., Garden View Way (except 400 block), Garden View Sq., 900 block of Havencrest St., 900 block of Crestfield Dr., 700 – 900 blocks of Reserve Champion Dr., 700 block of Crooked Creek Dr., Rolling Fields Way, Landis Way, Falcon Park Ln., Longhorn Crescent, and Lawson Way.

– Trees on the their individual lot (front, side, and rear)
– Trees in the alley that are part of their individual lot – keep in mind that some trees may outside of the fence but still within the lot boundary
– Check the individual property plat if there is uncertainty

To determine the ownership of a street or common area tree, contact King Farm Management or the Forestry Department:

(240) 314-8700
14625 Rothgeb Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Report a Down or Damaged City Tree:
  • To report a tree call 240-314-8700 on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. For reports made after hours, call 240-314-8900.
Trees on Electrical Lines:
  • Electrical lines are maintained by Pepco. If a tree is on an electrical line, call Pepco’s emergency line at 1-877-737-2662.
Trees on Private Property:
  • If a tree is on private property and at risk for damaging your property or a risk for public safety, call Code Enforcement at 240-314-8330.

Tree Removal On Homeowner’s Lot:

If you have a tree on your property that you would like to remove, a Design Review Application is required. Please complete the DRA and include all of the required information, including: your property plat, location of the tree(s), reason for removal, picture(s) of the current tree, the contractor you will use to remove the tree, and proposed replacement.

Once you receive approval you will need to obtain a ‘Tree Removal Permit‘ from The City of Rockville: Significant Tree Removal Permit

Please visit the DNR website or click the button above to view a list of tree experts and arborists in the Rockville area.

Tree Removal/Replacement Memo From The Community Architect:

When a resident proposes removal of a tree “with a diameter in excess of 4 inches, measured 12 inches above the ground, or flowering tree in excess of 2 inches” per Equity Resolution No. 1 & No. 6, the removal shall be mitigated by one or more of the following:

  1. Planting another tree matching existing in the same or alternate location.
  2. Planting another/alternate tree (i.e. compact/smaller species tree) in the same or alternate location.
  3. Planting medium/large size shrub(s) type landscaping.
  4. Planting a group of small shrubs (cluster planting of 3 shrubs or more).

New/Replacement trees and shrubs shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Size: Size shall be equal or larger than that required by the home builders at initial construction.
    • Small shrubs shall be 24-30” tall at time of planting.
    • Medium/large shrubs shall be 30-36” tall at time of planting.
    • Trees shall be 6-8’ tall at time of planting.
  2. Invasive Species: Trees and shrubs shall be selected to avoid those found on Rockville and Maryland Department of Agriculture Invasive Species of Concern in Maryland invasive species list: http://www.mdinvasivesp.org/index.html & www.rockvillemd.gov/environment/stewardship/invasives.html

Please click here to read the full memo.

Homeowner Tree Guide and Maintenance:

Per Equity Resolution No. 6:

Trees in front, side or any portion of lot visible from street shall be maintained through normal and routine seasonal measures.

  • Trees should be trimmed and pruned to avoid an unkempt appearance or hazard.
  • Apron or bed around a tree or adjacent trees not covered by grass or plantings is recommended to be covered by mulch.
  • Bed areas should be kept free of weeds.
  • No tree shall obstruct pathways, sidewalks, or site lines necessary for pedestrian or automotive safety;
    • or as may be determined by the King Farm Architectural Design Trust.
  • No live trees with a diameter in excess of 4″, measured 12″ above
    ground, or flowering trees in excess of 2″ similarly measured may be removed from a Lot without application to and approval by
    the Community Architect and the ADT through a DRA.
  • One tree may be added to a single-family house lot without design review.
    • A letter must be submitted to management notifying them of the tree installation.
  • No live trees may be removed from the Community Property without application to and approval by the City;
    • in accordance with the City’s Forest and Tree Preservation Ordinance and;
    • any conservation easements that may now or hereafter be granted by the City in connection with afforestation.