King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV):

The King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) is a volunteer, charitable, 501 (c) (3) organization whose purpose is to help King Farm residents age in place in their homes.  The KFNV is part of the national village movement which began about twenty years ago in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston.  This movement grew organically from that one village in Boston to hundreds of villages in the United States. The KFNV is part of the thirty-one operating or developing villages in Montgomery County and one of four villages in Rockville. The KFNV officially launched as an operating village on October 1, 2019, and is a registered affiliate of King Farm Citizens Assembly.

The mission of the King Farm Neighbors Village is reflected in its motto: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”   Specifically, working with its volunteers, the KFNV coordinates services for its members such as friendly visits, check-in phone calls, social, health, and safety events—in-person and virtually–grocery and pharmacy pick-up and delivery services, and transportation for medical appointments. Its ongoing, monthly events include Coffee and Conversation as well as a book club.  In addition to these services, the KFNV offers community information through timely emails to its members, volunteers, and supporters.  Many of the KFNV members both receive services and provide services as volunteers, thus modeling the KFNV mission of working as a community of connected neighbors with “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

KFNV invites all King Farm residents to join the KFNV and participate in its community of neighbors. Membership is free; however, KFNV accepts donations that help defray the cost of events and services. For information on how to become a KFNV  member, to make a contribution, or to register for events, please contact the Member Coordinators via email, leave a voicemail, or view the KFNV website

Website: https://www.kfnv.org/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingfarmneighborsvillage 

Email: kfnvinfo@gmail.com 

Voicemail: (301) 799-8104 

Meeting Times & Events:

KFNV hosts various events throughout each month. Currently, KFNV hosts the following events each month:

  • Book Club – 2nd Thursday; 12:30 pm
  • Coffee & Conversation – 3rd Wednesday; 10:00 am
  • Guest Speaker Events – Monthly; Evening


For more info visit: https://www.kfnv.org/events

  1. Coffee & Conversation – @ 10:00 am
    The topic will be your favorite fall activity or place to visit in the fall. Participants are welcome to show related mementos.