King Farm Citizens Assembly President:

The KFCA President is elected by the membership. The President is considered the executive branch of the governance structure and
has oversight responsibilities of the day-to-day affairs that are administered under the direction and supervision of the Community Manager.
The President may establish additional committees and departments. The President has the authority to make and approve contractual obligations
up to 0.5% of the annual operating budget not provided for in the annual budget and contractual obligations up to 1% of the budgeted expenditures.

KFCA President position is held as a two-year term through the Annual Election in April. Consecutive terms for the President are limited to two.
If you are interested in becoming the KFCA President you will need to run in the 2024 Election.

If you have any questions, please contact Management: management@kingfarm.org.


President, Barry Jackson, will hold a two-year term ending April 2024. If you would like to contact the KFCA President, please use the below email.