Draft Resolution(s) for Review:

All resident questions and comments regarding proposed draft resolutions/amendments can be sent to Management (management@kingfarm.org). Management will compile all questions and comments related to the draft resolutions and provide them to the Board of Trustees (BOT) prior to the next scheduled meeting.

**Approved Minutes and all other Board documents are available for viewing within the internal files in the FrontSteps Resident Portal. If you need assistance accessing your account or the documents, please contact Management by phone or e-mail.

Recently Approved/Amended Resolutions:

To view the resolutions, please click below or login to the FrontSteps Resident Portal.

*To view all community governing documents, please visit the FrontSteps Resident Portal.

  • AR #3 Parking & Towing Amendment – This amendment was adopted at the November 15th, 2023, Board of Trustees regular meeting. Changes will clarify permitted and non-permitted parking areas and junk/derelict vehicles.
  • AR #4 Due Process Amendment – This amendment was adopted at the October 18th, 2023, Board of Trustees regular meeting. Changes were made to this resolution to reflect changes to the Maryland Homeowners Association Act.
Proposed New Resolutions/Amended Resolutions For Community/BOT Review:

*If there are any proposed new resolutions (or amendments), they will be listed below.

You can view a copy of any proposed amendments to existing resolutions or proposed new resolutions within the FrontSteps Resident Portal Internal Documents under the folder(s) 2. Governing Documents / 1 – Draft Resolutions.

*If you do not have access to the resident portal, please contact Management for assistance or to obtain copies of these documents.

  • Administrative Resolution #18 – Policy & Procedures Regarding Committee Members (For Adoption @ March 20th BOT Meeting).