Draft Resolution(s) for Review:

Resident questions and comments regarding Draft Resolutions can be sent to Management (management@kingfarm.org). Management will compile all questions and comments related to the draft resolutions and provide them to the Board of Trustees (BOT) prior to the next scheduled meeting.

**Approved Minutes and other documents are available for viewing in the internal files in the FrontSteps resident portal. If you need assistance accessing your account or the documents, please contact Management by phone or e-mail.


Please refer to the governing documents within the FrontSteps resident portal.

During the Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting on October 27th, AR #4 and AR #15 (listed below) following resolutions were adopted. Unfortunately, while notice was posted on the website it was inadvertently not included in the Chronicle. As such, additional notice will be included in the budget mailing. The discussion and adoption of these resolutions and ER #10 (Grant of Easement) will appear in the January 19, 2021 BOT meeting. Please send comments or questions to management@kingfarm.org.

  • AR No. 4 – Procedures For Processing Cases Of Alleged Violations Of The Governing Documents Of The Assembly
  • AR No. 15 – Procedures Relating to Assembly Meetings Held Entirely or Partially Electronically

Current Draft Resolutions For Review:

Please visit the FrontSteps Resident Portal under “Governing Documents” to view view any draft resolutions under review, click here or use the links below.

  1. Administrative Resolution No. 10 – GRANT OF EASEMENT
  1. Administrative Resolution No. 4 – Procedures For Processing Cases Of Alleged Violations
  1. Administrative Resolution No. 15 – Virtual Assembly Meetings