The King Farm Conservancy, Inc:

The governance structure of the King Farm community includes a master association, the King Farm Conservancy, Inc. The King Farm Conservancy, Inc. (“Conservancy”) is an umbrella organization established by KFA as an integral part of its development plan with the City and County. The Conservancy oversees certain functions that encompass the entire King Farm community, residential and non-residential (offices, Hotel, Ingleside Retirement Home, Regency Center and King Farm Village Center).

It is a non-stock corporation, the members of which are all owners of property within King Farm. Presently the primary responsibility of the Conservancy is to manage the community-wide shuttle bus service to and from the Shady Grove Metro Station. Fees to support the shuttle and maintain the common property are levied and collected from all King Farm property owners. The Conservancy owns various entrance signage and gateway structures west of or on the West side of Gaither Road in the Irvington Center commercial area.

The Conservancy is controlled by a Board of Directors, which is elected by the members. There are three (3) directors, one representing the Commercial Owners; one representing the Retail Owners; and one representing the Residential Owners. The allocation of voting rights is designed to ensure that each segment of the community has an equal voice in the operation of the Conservancy. The Board, working with its committees and professional managing agent, will establish budgets, enter into contracts, and make financial decisions relating to the operation of the Conservancy. In addition to assuring compliance with the provisions of the legal documents and rules and regulations, the Board may enact additional resolutions and enforce them through appropriate due process procedures. The Board will retain an on-site manager or a professional management company to run the Conservancy on a day-to-day basis.