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Guidelines for Exterior Paint Colors:

  • There were 5+ builders used to construct the homes throughout King Farm. Each builder used a different color scheme in terms of brick color, siding color, shingle color, trim color, front door color, shutter color, etc.
  • Therefore, if you need to replace/repair/repaint one of these elements, you may refer to the pre-approved material lists on the website and in the internal documents in the resident portal.
  • If you are repainting any of the exterior home items and you are unsure of what color to select, you may chip off a small sample of the existing paint and bring it to any home improvement retailer (ie Home Depot or Lowes) and request that they color match the paint sample.
  • Additionally, you may refer to the Original Color Scheme by Builder Guide or the various color palettes (in the resident portal) and select the appropriate color
    based on your home type and builder.


Exterior Paint Requirement:

The following document specifies the timeline required to paint exterior ACQ pressure-treated wood on homes. Exterior Paint Guidelines

Fence and Deck Colors:

The following paint colors shall be acceptable for use as King Farm White (Pure or Ultra White) on fences and rear yard deck components at King Farm.

      1. Outside White Solid Stain(Maxwood Exterior Stain)
      2. One Coat White(Duron Paint)
      3. 100 Super White(McCormick Paint)
      4. White(Olympic Paint)
      5. Outside White(Olympic Paint)
      6. UL260-15 Gallery White(Behr Paint)
      7. Extra White – WoodScapes House Stain Exterior Acrylic Solid Color(Sherwin-Williams Paint – Available through Duron)