Guidelines for Exterior Paint Colors:

10+ builders were selected at the time King Farm was developed. Each builder designed their own individual color scheme for the exterior elements of each home (i.e., brick, shingle, trim, front door, and shutter color).

Therefore, if you need to replace, repair, or repaint one of these elements, you may refer to the pre-approved material lists and Architectural Design Guide on the website and within the internal documents in the FrontSteps resident portal. Additionally, you may email Management or contact the Community Architect if you are unsure of what color you can use.


* Exterior color changes to shutters, doors, trim, and all other exterior elements, requires submission of a Design Review Application (DRA) and approval from the ADT/Community Architect.

  • If the same color is used, an DRA is not needed.

FAQ – Determining what color scheme was used for your home:

There are several ways you can determine what exterior colors were used for your home.

  1. Refer to your settlement documents. Your settlement documents may have information about the original materials and colors used.
  2. Take a paint sample from your front door or shutters and bring this to a paint retailer and request that they color match (or have them find the closest color to the original).
    • Some of the original paint colors are no longer produced, but you can find a similar color to use.
  3. Refer to the Original Color Scheme by Builder document; identify the color scheme used for your home and locate the exterior color you are looking for.
    • The color scheme document can be found within the FrontSteps Resident Portal under “Architectural Design Guidelines” / “Original Color Palettes“.
    • To identify your color scheme, first look at the community map or your settlement documents and determine which builder constructed your home.
    • Once you have identified the builder, find their color scheme within the guide and locate the elements that match your home.
Exterior Paint Requirement (Fence, Deck, and Trim):

The following memo and information shall assist Homeowners in the selection of paint colors.

The documents are intended to offer guidance; final location and design approval shall be obtained from the Community Architect. Find below the following paint colors shall be acceptable for use as King Farm White on fences and rear yard deck components. The following colors can also be used for exterior house trim, but please consult the original design guide for your home or contact Management for questions.


  1. Sherwin Williams: WoodScapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain in “Extra White” (SW 7007) (product #A15W00051)
  1. McCormick: Cabot Solid Color 100% Acrylic Exterior Deck Stain in “Super White 100”

It is acceptable to allow pressure treated wood material to dry for up 90 – 120 days after initial installation before the application of paint. Please consult paint and wood suppliers for specific recommendations for painting.


  1. Sherwin Williams: Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex in “Pure White” (SW 7005)
  2. McCormick: 100% Acrylic Exterior Latex Paint in “Super White 100”
  3. Valspar (Lowe’s): Defense One-Coat Exterior Paint + Primer in “Ultra White” (7006-24)
  4. Behr (Home Depot): BEHR ULTRA® Exterior Flat in “Ultra Pure White 1850”
Shutters and Doors:
  • If you are repainting any of the exterior home items and you are unsure of what color to select, you may chip off a small sample of the existing paint and bring it to any home improvement retailer (ie Home Depot or Lowes) and request that they color match the paint sample.
  • You can also refer to the McCormick Paints Exterior Color Collection document which includes swatches for some of the paint colors used for shutters and front doors.