Guidelines for Changes or Repairs to Windows:

Please use these guidelines for replacing or repairing one of these items on your property.  Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application.

Only like for like maintenance and replacement (no change in color, materials, size, or style) do not require a DRA.

Exterior Windows & Sliding Doors – Repairs/Replacements:

Listed below are the pre-approved replacement window and sliding door materials. Window and sliding door replacement [with the materials listed] may be performed with the submission of a Design Review Application for review and approval by the Community Architect only.

Please refer to the “Pre-Approved Window & Sliding Door Materials” memo from the Community Architect for more information. **All other material choices and changes will require ADT (Architectural Design Trust) approval.

If you would like to replace your original [wood, aluminum, or vinyl] window and sliding doors with new [wood, aluminum, or vinyl] window and sliding doors this is permitted provided:
  • The window / sliding door is the same size (same dimension) as the original.
  • The window / sliding door head, jamb, sill and sashes consists of the same profile (shape) as the original(s).
  • The window / sliding door is finished to match the original window and sliding door color.
  • The original divided lite pattern of the window or sliding door must be matched in the replacement window or sliding door.
  • Existing window / sliding door head, jamb and sill trim shall match the original window or sliding door head, jamb or sill trim in color and profile.

Examples of windows and sliding doors considered in this replacement guideline are:

  • Double hung windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Bay windows
  • Sliding Doors

New Exterior Window & Sliding Door Installation, Design, and Materials:

Any proposed new window or door shall require submission of a Design Review Application (DRA) for review and approval by the Community Architect and ADT.

To download the DRA, click here or visit the Design Review Applications webpage.

Anatomy of a Window:
Window Materials Information:
  • ALUMINUM – Aluminum windows are a lightweight, yet strong alternative to more expensive wood windows. They are corrosion-resistant and offer great performance in many climates.
  • VINYL – Vinyl windows are constructed from durable plastics and are energy efficient. They don’t ever require painting because they don’t fade, peel, or rot.
  • WOOD – Wood windows provide a wealth of natural beauty, but require more maintenance than aluminum or vinyl windows. Each species of wood features a range of characteristics offering detailed touches of warmth and elegance.
Divided Lite Patterns:
Custom Wood Glider Windows