Guidelines for Changes, Installations, or Repairs to Trash Bin Storage Areas:

Please use the guidelines below for installing or replacing a trash storage shed on your property.  Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application. Provided that you make these changes for repair or maintenance, then a DRA is not required. Please refer to the Pre-Approved Trash Shed options memo for more information or contact Management or the community architect with questions.


Listed below are the pre-approved trash storage shed options selected by the community architect. If you would like to install a trash storage shed not listed, this will require submitting a DRA for review and approval by the ADT committee.

Brand / Product Name
Amazon HOMSPARK ShedCapacity: 26 Cubic feet
50” L x 29” W x 41” H
Rubbermaid BigMax Capacity: 32 Cubic feet
60” L x 31.9” W x 47” H
Model #FG374701OLVSS
Suncast Stow-Away® Horizontal Shed Capacity: 70 cubic feet
69 ½” L x 44 ½” W x 47” H
(47″ is Maximum Height)
Craftsman Large Horizontal ShedCapacity: 70 cubic feet
70 ½” L x 44” W x 52” H
Model #CMXRSSC4750
Location, Materials, and Color:

Trash storage sheds which are located in a rear yard, and which are not visible from a street, other than an alley, are permitted, subject to the following.

*Front yard and side yard locations are prohibited.

  • Free-standing storage sheds or storage sheds attached to a fence are permitted if located in a rear yard and not visible from a street (other than an alley).

  • Trash storage sheds are required to be attached or installed against the exterior of the home and should be of a scale which is compatible with that of the home.

  • Trash storage sheds should be of a compatible architectural design using finish materials and colors similar to the home to which they are attached.