Community-Wide Inspections Reminder – Final Notices & Hearings

published: October 29th, 2021 by in Community

As the current inspection cycle is winding down, we would like to thank all the homeowners and residents who have complied with the inspection findings. Your efforts keep the community looking good! For the homeowner and residents who have unresolved exterior maintenance items, there is still time to address the issues before final notices are sent.

Final notices will be issued in the coming weeks and will include a scheduled hearing date. For homeowners that resolve outstanding items before the scheduled hearing date, then the hearing will be cancelled. Please notify Management (management@kingfarm.org) AT LEAST 1-2 business days prior to the hearing that you have resolved the outstanding violations. 

As a reminder, for any residents who have resolved their violations, you will not receive any sort of individual letter to let you know that the issue was resolved. If you do not receive a final notice, then you no longer have an open violation.

Please refer to the following Equity Resolutions regarding exterior home/lot maintenance: 

  • ER No.1 (Visual Changes)
  • ER No. 6 (Landscaping)
  • ER No. 9 (Exterior Maintenance)

These can be found in the FrontSteps Resident Portal (login required) under “Governing Documents” or you can request a copy by emailing managment@kingfarm.org.

Please take a moment to review the King Farm Architectural Design Guide, the design review application process, Home Improvement FAQs, and Property Inspections information under the home improvement section on the website. If you are unsure if a notice was issued to you, contact Management. Please note that unresolved maintenance items will be referred to the Board of Code Compliance (BOCC) for a hearing and judgement of the alleged violation.

Please remember that Management will continue to review and cite homes (if necessary) based on resident complaints. As an aging community, it is important that everyone work to keep the exterior maintenance of the homes in good appearance. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the home in good condition and it is important that the exterior of the home is reviewed annually for repairs. It is also important to evaluate the landscaping on the property (monthly) during growing season. Keep in mind that the trees in the alley (outside of the fence) are typically part of the homeowner’s lot. This means that the maintenance, removal, and replacement of the tree(s) is the homeowner responsibility.

If you have questions, please review the information on the website under Home Renovations then Property Inspections: https://kingfarm.org/annual-property-inspections/ or contact the Management Office.

We appreciate everyone’s assistance in maintaining the appearance of King Farm!