Guidelines for Changes, Repairs, Installation of Storm Doors:

Please use these guidelines for replacing or repairing one of these items on your property.  Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application. Provided that you make these changes for repair or maintenance, then a DRA is not required.

Storm Door Repairs/Replacements

  • No, as long as the appearance, profile, lite window pattern, stile and rail (frames), size and dimensions of the door(s) remain essentially identical and the color remains the same.
  • The material may be changed from which the door is made, may be changed (i.e., from wood to metal).

Storm Door Installation, Design, and Materials:

The following shall assist Homeowners in the design and installation of storm doors. The documents are intended to offer guidance; final location and design approval shall be obtained from the Community Architect.

Storm Doors Not Requiring Review and Approval shall meet the following conditions:

  1. Full View: The storm door shall be full view.
  2. No Decorative Trim: The storm door shall be free of decorative trim.
  3. Color: The storm door shall match the color of the door. Please see the Storm Door Sketch regarding door stile and rail profile.