Guidelines for Changes or Repairs to Recreational Items and Other Changes:

Please use these guidelines for replacing or repairing one of these items on your property.  Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application. Provided that you make these changes for repair or maintenance, then a DRA is not required. The following shall assist Homeowners in the design and placement of recreational equipment.

*The information is intended to offer guidance; final location and design approval shall be obtained from the Community Architect.

Temporary Play Equipment:

There are no restrictions on the installation of temporary recreation and play equipment, so long as such items are located in a rear yard and not visible from a street, other than an alley.

Some examples of temporary play equipment include:

  • wading pools
  • badminton nets
  • lawn games;
  • and other equipment intended for temporary use

Installation of such items in other than a rear yard or where such equipment would be visible from a street (other than an alley), as well as the installation of permanent or semi-permanent recreation and play equipment (such as jungle gyms, swing sets, basketball backboards and the like), constitute a non-routine change which requires application to and approval by the Community Architect and the King Farm Architectural Design Trust.

Swimming Pools

Only in-ground pools are permitted and must be located in a rear yard. All swimming pools are non-routine changes requiring application to and approval by the Community Architect and the ADT.