Community Wide Paving Project:


A community wide paving project will begin Friday, May 8th 2020. The purpose of the paving project is to provide preventive maintenance,
as well as, corrective repair work in order to extend the life of the asphalt. We have a series of asphalt projects that will be taking place over
the next couple of months.

The asphalt project will occur in three phases:

Phase 1: Crackfill – COMPLETED
Cracks in the alleys and roads will be filled to help prevent further deterioration of the asphalt.

    • Prep/Cleaning – May 8th
    • Crack Sealing – May 12th – 18th

Phase 2: Patching and Paving – STARTING SOON
Patching of miscellaneous potholes and deteriorated asphalt areas will be done throughout the community.
There are two alleys that require some milling and complete paving.

Please see patching schedule and maps for reference.

    • June 8th – 12th

Phase 3: Sealcoating – FORTHCOMING
All alleys will be sealcoated with the exception of the two that are to be repaved.  Vehicles will have to remain out of the alleys for
24 hours beginning at 7:00 am the morning of the work, returning 7:00 am the following morning.  A complete schedule and detailed
information will be forthcoming.

    • June 22nd – 26th
    • June 29th – July 3rd
    • July 6th