King Farm Citizens Assembly

The King Farm Citizens Assembly (KFCA) (governed and administered through its governing structure) is the organization that controls and is responsible for determining and collecting monthly fees from owners and managing the finances for the community, maintaining the visual integrity of the community, setting policies and maintenance of all the common areas in the residential sections of King Farm including “pocket parks”, alleys, private streets, and the Community Center/pools, and enforcement of Community Codes and standards.

Some areas, like the grass between the sidewalk and a public street, are owned by the City of Rockville but are maintained by the KFCA under an agreement with the City.  The Assembly’s policies are set by the Board of Trustees and its day-to-day operations are overseen by the Assembly President.

Monthly Assessment Breakdown

It’s especially important to note that although condominium buildings have their own associations that are responsible for their association-specific issues, they also contribute to the common area upkeep through monthly fees paid to the KFCA.  Each condominium association hires its own management company, and these companies provide for the maintenance, upkeep, and related services within the condominium. The Assembly has other responsibilities, such as establishing and updating architectural standards to maintain and preserve the visual character of King Farm as it was originally conceived and initially executed.  KFCA also ensures compliance with internal regulations, both in the interest of maintaining property values and in keeping our community a great place to live.  KFCA also serves as the liaison between the community and the various governmental entities of which we are apart of.

  • Apartment buildings are also an integral part of the community and their owners are assessed appropriate fees by the KFCA for common area maintenance.
  • KFCA is not responsible for the maintenance and upkeep for the commercial or retail areas of King Farm; those areas are managed by the Conservancy.