KFCA ‘Petiquette’ Reminder

published: January 28th, 2022 by in Community

Pet Policies and Reminders for Pet Owners 

KFCA does not keep a record of household pets nor what pet owners are registered with the City’s off-leash permit. Therefore, the Assembly is limited in what it can do to control the behavior of pets and their owners. However, if the pet owner is identified, Management will send a notice. We would like to remind all pet owners to follow the KFCA Pet Policies and be courteous by picking up pet waste and ensuring that pets do not wander onto private property.

For complaints regarding pets trespassing, if video footage is captured from home security systems, residents can provide the footage to the RCPD by contacting them directly or signing up for The Rockview program. This program allows RCPD to quickly identify security cameras that may have captured criminal activity when a crime is reported nearby and can help keep you and your community safer. If you have a home video security system (Ring, Nest, etc.), you can register your camera with Rockville City Police.  Learn more about the Rockview program and sign-up here

Pets Trespassing on Private Property:

When not on their owner’s property, dogs must be leashed (unless you have a City of Rockville off-leash permit) or carried AND under the control of a responsible person at all times. As a reminder, cats should also remain within the owner’s property and supervision. Cats (and dogs) should not be permitted to roam around the neighborhood unattended as this can present hazardous driving conditions if animals cross in front of moving vehicles.

Not every homeowner is a pet owner, so please be a responsible pet owner and be respectful of private property. Avoiding private property is the best way to be a courteous neighbor.

Violators of pet policies, including pet trespassing, should be reported to the RCPD. 

Pet Waste Violators

Dog urine kills grass, flowers, bushes, and other plant materials and the KFCA Pet Policy is that pets are not permitted to wander unattended or to discharge wastes on another owners’ property. Pet owners should make every effort to ensure that their pets stay on curb grass (the side closest to the street) and common areas and NOT on private property.

Violators of pet policies, including off-leash violators and pet waste violators, should be reported to the Animal Control and can also be reported to Management.