Guidelines for Changes or Repairs to Garage Doors:

Please use these guidelines for replacing or repairing one of these items on your property. Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application. Provided that you make these changes for repair or maintenance, then a DRA is not required.

Garage Door Repairs and Replacements:

The following shall assist Homeowners in the design and placement of garage doors. The documents are intended to offer guidance; final location and design approval shall be obtained from the Community Architect.

  • The Design Guidelines require all “Residential garage doors shall be made of wood, embossed hardwood or wood veneer“.
    • Steel doors shall be permitted in retail and commercial office buildings ONLY.
  • Citizens have requested permission to replace wood garage doors with doors constructed of metal and fiberglass.

Alternate garage doors constructed of metal or fiberglass will be permitted provided they comply with the following conditions:

  1. Painted: Garage doors shall be pre-finished or painted to match existing garage door color.

  1. Panel Profile: Garage door panels shall be recessed to provide a shadow line consistent with that found on a wood door. All garage door components shall be painted as noted above. Flush panel garage doors are prohibited.

  1. Panel Quantity/Layout: Garage door panel layout shall match the existing door panel layout “X” number high by “Y” number wide.

  1. Approved Garage Doors: The community architect shall maintain a list of approved garage doors as they are submitted for approval by homeowners.

Please refer to the “Garage Door” memo from the Community Architect for more information.

The following garage doors are suitable replacement doors:

  1. Amarr Stratford 2000 series – with short panel design
  2. Amarr Stratford 3000 – with short panel design
  3. Clopay Premium 4050, Classic Collection – with Colonial raised panel
  4. Clopay Value Plus 1500 & T42S Classic Collection – with short panel design
  5. Raynor Masterpiece Traditions Series – with Colonial raised panel
  6. Raynor Showcase Traditions Series – with short panel or Colonial raised panel
  7. Raynor 2240 Raised Panel Aspen Series – with short panel or Colonial panel
  8. Raynor Advantage Trademark Series – with Colonial raised panel
  9. Wayne Dalton Model 9100 – with Colonial raised panel
  10. Wayne Dalton Model 9605 – with Colonial raised panel