Guidelines for Changes or Repairs to Doors and Windows:

Please use these guidelines for replacing or repairing one of these items on your property. Any time you alter or change the existing condition in any way, it requires a design review application. Provided that you make these changes for repair or maintenance, then a DRA is not required.

Door Repairs/Replacements:
  • No DRA is required, as long as the appearance, profile, lite window pattern, stile, and rail (frames), size, and dimensions of the door(s) remain essentially identical and the color remains the same.
  • The material from which the door is made may be changed. e.g., from wood to metal. Please see the pre-approved materials list for reference.
Window Repairs/Replacements:
  • No DRA is required, as long as dimensions and materials (including color) remain the same as in the original construction.
  • The installation of NEW windows, meaning creating windows where they did not currently exist or the relocation and the enlargement of windows (including egress) requires a DRA for review AND approval.
Door/Window Trim:

No DRA is required, as long as the profile and dimensions of the replacement trim remain identical and the paint color remains the same. See pre-approved trim memo for permitted alternative materials.

Door and Window Trim and Color Changes:

The Community Architect has developed documents to assist Homeowners in the installation of doors, windows, and trim. The documents are intended to offer guidance; final design and installation approval is not required if compliance with the following is met.

Changing Paint Colors:

If you would like to change the original paint color to something new, this requires a design review application.

Paint Color:

If you are repainting any of the aforementioned items and you are unsure of what color to select, you may take a sample and bring it to a home improvement retailer (ie Home Depot or Lowes) and request that they color match the paint sample. Additionally, you may refer to the Color Scheme Document or various color palettes within the resident portal documents and select the appropriate color based on your home type and builder.

You can determine the builder of your home by referring to your settlement documents or using the King Farm Community Map.

If you are unable to determine your paint color, the paint color no longer exists, or you want to change the color, select a color and provide the color swatch and the manufacturer link as part of your application. The application will be reviewed and the architect will review the application and approve, deny, or provide additional guidance regardign the color selection.