City of Rockville Yard Waste Collection Disruptions

published: December 14th, 2021 by in Community

Staffing shortages continue to cause delays in weekly yard waste collections throughout the City of Rockville.  The City is working to bring staffing levels back to resume regularly scheduled collections.

Place yard waste in biodegradable paper lawn bags or 32-gallon trash cans (weight must be less than 50 pounds), set it in a safe location at the curb and leave it there, so that crews can collect it as soon as possible, including collecting on Friday and Saturday.

Do not remove yard waste if it has not been collected. Having yard waste at the curb will help crews assess collection needs and make plans to catch up. 

Meanwhile, the second round of fall leaf collection continues through late December. This is a separate service from yard waste collection. The fall leaf collection schedule can be found at www.rockvillemd.gov/leafcollection, where residents can enter their address to see when a leaf vacuuming crew will be in their neighborhood.

For more information, please visit the City of Rockville’s website: