Association News – Friday, February 9, 2024

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  1. Call for Candidates
  2. Upcoming Board & Committee Meetings 
  3. Limited Fitness Room Hours                        
  4. 2024 Annual Exterior Lot Inspections
  5. KFCA is excited to share this newly established social club!
  6. King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) Activities
  7. King Farm Shuttle Bus QR Code
  8. Rockville Climate Solutions Speaker Series
  9. Rockville Hosts Annual Lunar New Year Celebration on February 17
  10. Rockville City Police Department Crime Report


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Call for Candidates 

On April 17, 2024, King Farm Citizens Assembly (“Assembly”) will hold its Annual Meeting and Election. There are two (2) open seats on the Assembly’s Board of Trustees (BOT) and one (1) seat for the KFCA President. All seats have a two 2-year term.

Citizens interested in running for a seat on the BOT or as KFCA President must complete the petition for candidacy. Citizens are aged 18 or older who reside in King Farm within areas subjected to the Community Charter by a Declaration of Annexation and notice of whose residency has been given to the Assembly in writing.

Please refer to the enclosed Candidacy Requirements and Election Procedures for a definition of the phrase “in good standing”.  Write your candidacy “Statement of Purpose” using no more than one typed page, double spaced, using 12-point font or larger.  Your submission will be submitted as received.  A completed Petition for Candidacy Form, including necessary signatures, must be returned to the Assembly’s office no later than 3:00 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Completed Petitions for Candidacy (with form, signatures, statement, and picture) may be emailed to management@kingfarm.org if the scanned documents are legible.

NOTE: Non-resident Titleholders are NOT eligible to vote in the election per the governing documents.

Citizen Titleholders of single-family homes, townhomes, and condominium units, as shown on the Assembly’s records, are automatically registered for the Annual Meeting. All other persons, including other occupants and tenants of a King Farm residence must complete a Citizen Registration Form to register as Citizens with the Assembly and participate in the Assembly elections.  If you are unsure if you are listed with the Assembly as the Citizen Titleholder, verify with the Management Office.  Non-registered King Farm residents who would like to vote in the Wednesday, April 17, 2024 election must complete and return the Citizen Registration Form to the Management Office via email at management@kingfarm.org or by placing it in the drop box to the right of the front door at 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850 by 12:00 pm, Monday, March 18, 2024. The Citizen Registration form is available on the King Farm website: https://kingfarm.org/annual-meeting-election/. All forms will be verified (signed lease, state issued driver’s license, and/or owner verification).

Note: The Assembly is utilizing electronic voting through a 3rd party vendor: VoteHOANow.  Citizen Titleholders with their names listed in the Assembly records will automatically receive a unique registration code via email and/or on a postcard via USPS mail to vote electronically.  Registration codes will be generated for Citizens who register by Monday, March 18, 2024. VoteHOANow recommends that you add the domain votehoanow.com as an approved domain so emails are not sent to the spam folder. It will be up to the Titleholders and the registered Citizens to ensure that the Assembly has your correct information. Paper ballots/Proxies are available by request only.

If you have any questions, please email Management at management@kingfarm.org or call 301-987-0122.


BOT typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Next BOT Regular Meeting: February 21, 2024 @ 7:30 pm 

Minutes, Agendas, and other info for BOT: https://kingfarm.org/board-of-trustees/

BOCC typically meets on the 2nd Monday of the month.

Next BOCC Regular MeetingFebruary 12, 2024 @ 7:00 pm

ADT typically meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

Next ADT Regular Meeting: February 14, 2024 @ 4:30 pm

Turn in Design Review Applications by the 20th of the month before the next meeting

Minutes, Agendas, and other info for ADT: https://kingfarm.org/architectural-design-trust/

Contact Management if you need assistance.

Meeting changes will be sent via email blast and/or posted on the website.

Starting February 19th, 2024, exterior deck maintenance work will be beginning. Durning this time the fitness room will be closed with limited access and only open during regular office business hours. Residents must access the gym by using the front door at the management office. The temporary hours will be as follows:

  • Monday February 19th – CLOSED
  • Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd – 9am-5pm
  • Friday 23rd – 9am-2pm
  • Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th – CLOSED
  • Monday 26th – Thursday 29th – 9am-5pm
  • Friday March 1st – 9am – 2pm
  • Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd – CLOSED
  • Monday 4th – 9am-5pm

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact management at 301-987-0122 or email management@kingfarm.org.

Periodic exterior inspections of the homes/lots in King Farm are important for ensuring all property owners are adhering to the maintenance standards listed in the governing documents. These standards contribute to enhancing curb appeal and property values.

HOA Inspections USA, an independent inspection company, will take photos of homes as part of the inspection process. The photographer will be identifiable by their colored safety vest. The photographer will be using cameras to take photos of homes from common/public areas. The photographer will not discuss what issues may be cited for yours or anyone else’s property.

The inspection is scheduled to begin February 1, 2024 (weather permitting.) If maintenance items are identified, a notice from HOA Inspections USA will be sent via USPS mail. Email notifications will NOT be sent for the initial notice. The initial notice will provide a compliance date to bring the noted items into compliance. If the items are not brought into compliance, then a Final Notice/ Intent to Hold Hearing will be sent via USPS mail, email and posted to the property address door.

If you have any questions, please contact the Management Office at 301-987-0122 or management@kingfarm.org.




Start the new year off with a bang and join the King Farm Music Jam Social Club!

King Farm Music Jam Social Club is a group of hobby musicians who come together to play music.  This group is sponsored by King Farm Citizens Assembly.  club meetings are held on a monthly basis with sessions throughout the year. 

The sessions are held at the King Farm Community Center, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD, 20850.   

Guitarists, keyboardists, percussionists, and other musicians of all levels, 18 years and older, are welcome to participate.

Bring your musical instrument.  It is also helpful to bring a music stand and a power strip if power is needed for your equipment.  For those that sing, a microphone would be helpful.

Songs are selected from a jam songbook and generally have common chords.  A phone, tablet, or computer is needed.

Also, feel free to bring song sheets for any songs with common chords you would like to share; 10 to 15 copies should do it.

Email kingfarmmusicclub@gmail.com if you would like to participate.  Detailed dates and times to come!


            Yesterday, the King Farm Neighbors Village (KFNV) with its monthly Book Club continued its full slate of February events.  At yesterday’s Book Club, participants discussed the novel, Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus that was recently adapted into an AppleTV+ limited series.  Participants agreed that Garmus’ novel was a pleasurable and fast read—part beach read and part thought-provoking and realistic fiction about the status of woman, especially women scientists, during the 1950’s and the 1960’s.

The KFNV has the following other activities planned for February.

  1. The Walking Club continues its jaunts Monday-Thursday at 4 pm, except in the case of inclement weather. The group meets in the park across from The Fontina Grille. Please feel free to join the walks even if you have never joined before.
  2. On Sunday, February 11, 2024 from 6:00 pm-9:30 pm, The KFNV Friends Club will meet at The Fontina Grille to watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII. Come join with your King Farm friends to celebrate the unofficial American holiday that is the Super Bowl. Since   space is limited to 10 KFNV friends, please sign up as soon as possible.
  3. The KFNV Friends Group on Thursday, February 15, 2024 from 1:00-3:00 pm will meet at Nagoya Restaurant for their monthly luncheon. Please note that each participant is responsible for the cost of his/her lunch. Come and enjoy a post-Valentine’s Day lunch with your King Farm friends—a great way to kick start an early weekend.
  4. On Tuesday, February 20, 2024 from 7:00-9:00 pm, the KFNV will host another night of “Bingo in the Center” as part of its monthly Games Nights.  The KFNV invites all members of the King Farm community, especially bingo enthusiasts, to   join your KFNV friends for a fun evening of Bingo and conversation with your fellow King Farmers. Please bring your own snacks and drinks to nibble on and sip as you engage in competitive board game fun while vying for small prizes. We hope to see many of our fellow King Farm residents at this event; but since space is limited in the community center, we will be required to limit the number of participants. Therefore, if you’re interested in attending, please reserve your spot as soon as possible.
  5. On Thursday, February 22, 2024 from 4:00-5:00 pm, the KFNV in recognition of Black History month will host its monthly highlight event, “Separate but Unequal: The History of School Segregation in Montgomery County”—a presentation by Ralph Buglass of Montgomery History.  Mr. Buglass has spoken to KFNV audiences several times with rave reviews, and we are looking forward to his presentation on an   important part of our county’s history.
  6. On Wednesday, February 28, 2024 from 10:00-11:30 am, Coffee and Conversation participants will meet in the King Farm Community Center for a discussion on a timely topic. 

Please note that the monthly Movie Club, Book Club, Coffee and Conversation gatherings, and many highlight events are held at the King Farm Community Center, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850.  In case of inclement weather and if there is time to notify participants, the KFNV may opt for a Zoom presentation for any meeting or event.  Finally, the KFNV offers transportation to many of its monthly events for KFNV members. Please contact the Operations Coordinator at kfnvinfo@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail at (301) 799-8104 to arrange for transportation.


The KFNV continues to support King Farm residents with its community services: transportation to appointments, simple household tasks, friendly phone calls/texts, and friendly visits. Please feel free to avail yourself of all of the community services that the KFNV offers. If you are in doubt about whether a task could be performed by one of the KFNV volunteers, go ahead and fill out the service form on the KFNV website. Our Operations Team will get back to you to determine if the task is under our umbrella of tasks. Also, please note that services are open to KFNV members only; however, membership is free and an easy process. See below on how to contact the KFNV to schedule any of the services or with any questions that you may have about the services as well as how to become a KFNV member.

Volunteers—Sign Language Interpreter Needed

            The KFNV is always looking for a “few good volunteers” to provide community services to its members like drives to appointments, friendly visits, and help with simple household tasks. In particular, the KFNV is looking for someone to volunteer as a sign language interpreter for those members who are hearing impaired. Please feel free to contact the Operations Coordinator for any questions you may have  about becoming a KFNV volunteer  by calling (301) 799-8104,  emailing to kfnvinfo@gmail.com , or viewing  the KFNV website at www.kfnv.org for information as well as an on-line form to fill out to become a KFNV volunteer. The KFNV thanks you for your consideration in becoming a KFNV volunteer.

Contacting the KFNV

For most of the KFNV monthly events as well as the services, membership is required; but membership is as easy as filling out an on-line or mail-in form with residency in the King Farm community being the only membership requirement.  We are a multi-generational Village; therefore, there is no age requirement to join the KFNV. The KFNV welcomes all King Farm residents of all ages.

Although there is no fee to become a KFNV member, the KFNV does, however, accept and welcome donations; for these donations help defray the cost of KFNV services and events.

For information on how to register for any of the above events, to request a service or a ride, to become a KFNV member or a volunteer, or to make a donation, please contact the Operations Coordinator by calling (301) 799-8104 to  leave a voicemail,  emailing the KFNV at kfnvinfo@gmail.com , or viewing the KFNV website at  www.kfnv.org.

King Farm Shuttle Bus QR Code  

Attached is an updated version of the QR code that you can scan using your smartphone or tablet. To ensure that you have access to the most up to date information, please save this for future reference. This will instantly direct you to the most current bus schedule, saving you time and allowing you to stay informed about any changes or updates to the bus schedule. The Conservancy will update the QR codes on the signs.

Here is the link to the King Farm Ridesystems information and the QR code for the phone application.


Questions about the shuttle should be sent to the Conservancy at

conservancy @kingfarm.org. Management is happy to assist as well.

Climate Solutions Speaker Series:
Planting Trees in a Changing Climate

Tuesday, Feb.13, 7-8 p.m. Virtual. 
Join the City of Rockville and Robert Shaut, director of tree operations at Casey Trees, to learn how trees contribute to a more resilient community and get tips for choosing and planting trees on your property, in the latest installment of Rockville’s Climate Solutions Speaker Series.  
The free virtual webinar, from 7-8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13, will explore how climate change impacts trees, choosing the best trees for your property and tips on planting and caring for your trees.  


Rockville Hosts Annual Lunar New Year Celebration on February 17

Celebrate Rockville’s Asian cultures with performances, interactive displays, kids’ crafts and to-go snack boxes at the city’s Lunar New Year celebration.

The annual celebration will be held from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 17, at Rockville High School, 2100 Baltimore Road. Multicultural performances begin at 10:30 a.m. and include dancing, drumming, martial arts, singing and instrumental performances. Admission is free.

In its 16th year, the Lunar New Year celebration is a source of pride for the city’s Asian community and an opportunity for neighbors to learn about Asian culture. The city is organizing the celebration in partnership with Rockville’s Asian Pacific American Task Force. The celebration will mark the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

Visit www.rockvillemd.gov/lunarnewyear for more information, including a full list of performers.

Click here

to read the Weekly Crime Report

courtesy of the Rockville City Police Department.

RockView Program

If you have a ring camera (or other front door/doorbell camera), you can register it with the RCPD. The RockView program allows residents and business owners to voluntary register their privately owned video security camera systems with the RCPD. Registration in the RockView program does not enable law enforcement to view camera footage without an owner’s permission. However, the RockView program will allow city police to quickly identify security cameras that may have captured criminal activity when a crime is reported nearby. For more information about the RockView program, click here. 

If you have a crime or concern to report, please contact the Rockville City Police Department at:

Non-Emergency: 240-314-8900
Emergency: 9-1-1
2 W. Montgomery Ave, Rockville, Maryland 20850

Stay connected with breaking news and information from RCPD on:

Facebook – @RockvilleCityPolice

Twitter – @RockvilleCityPD

Instagram – @RockvilleCityPolice