Resale Requests:

When the time comes for you to sell your home, the Maryland Condominium Act and the Maryland Homeowners Association Act require that the seller provides specific information regarding the Association(s) of which the unit is a part of.  Management handles resale packages in-house. Resale packages are processed within 5-7 business days. Each package includes a resale certificate, the community governing documents, the Resident Handbook, and Master COI. The resale certificate provides an overview of the monthly dues, current account balance, and any violations cited during the resale inspection (ie, chipping paint, mildew, unkept landscaping, etc.). Resale inspections are conducted by KFCA staff and are conducted for the purpose of assessing the exterior of the home and lot to ensure compliance with community codes.  Please Note: staff members do NOT go onto the property or into the home during the inspection. If you are cited for any violations and plan to address the violation(s), we can provide an updated resale certificate. The turnaround time for re-inspection is 3 business days. Alternatively, if you are selling as-is, the buyer(s) will be made aware and will be expected to address the violations.

How to Make Your Request:

Please click the button below to fill out the Resale Package Request Form.  Once we receive your form, we will send you an email confirmation. Please make sure to fill out the online form and include as much information as possible! The more information you provide, the better we can assist you.

Credit card payments can be made over the phone by calling (301) 987-0122, Monday – Thursday before close of business (5:00 pm) OR you can utilize our online payment portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you would rather pay by check, you may mail your check OR drop it off in the mail slot. Please remit to King Farm Citizens Assembly, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850. If you would like to drop off your check, please place it in the mail slot to the right of the front door of the Management Office (300 Saddle Ridge Cir).

  • Both the payment AND resale request form must be received before processing the resale request! For more information about document delivery and payment methods see below.
  • Please allow 5 to 7 business days to receive your resale package. Rush requests will be prepared in less than 5 business days, for an additional $25 fee.
  • Resale inspections are conducted by Management. The resale inspection does not require an appointment and cannot be scheduled. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact us: Management@kingfarm.org or by phone (301) 987-0122
Document Delivery and Cost:
  • Dropbox Link ($225.00) OR USB Thumb-drive ($250.00).
    • The price of the resale package depends on delivery.
    • For Dropbox delivery, we will send the recipients a link to view ALL HOA documents in Dropbox. You do not need a Dropbox account to access the documents. We use Dropbox because the file size is too large to share via e-mail and it is more secure.
    • For USB delivery, we will mail the USB thumb-drive as the Management Office is currently closed to residents and walk-ins.
Payment Methods:
  • Credit card and Check.
    • Please call the Management office to remit payment via credit card or use our online payment portal.
    • If you are paying by check, please remit to: King Farm Citizens Assembly, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville MD 20850
    • OR hand-deliver your check to the Management office. Please place your envelope in the mail slot to the right of the front door.
What is included in a resale package?

Resale packages are processed and completed within 5-7 business days. Each package includes the following:

  • A resale certificate (i.e. overview of monthly dues, account balance, and any violations cited during the resale inspection)
  • The community governing documents (Equity Resolutions, Administrative Resolutions, Reserves Study, etc.)
  • The Resident Handbook
  • A copy of the KFCA Master COI
  • Lender Questionnaire (included in the cost of the package)

Appraisal/Lender Information:

  • Lender Questionnaires/HOA Dues Forms:
    • If you need assessment information about a specific unit for lending purposes, such as an HOA Dues form filled out, please contact Management: management@kingfarm.org or use our online request form by clicking the link below:
  • Refinances:
    • Refinance lender questionnaires are $75.00. Please contact Management: management@kingfarm.org to make your request.
  • Insurance Declaration/Master Policy Requests:
    • For a copy of the KFCA Master Policy Certificate of Insurance please contact Management: management@kingfarm.org to make your request.