Architectural Design Guide

The following guide has been developed to assist King Farm Homeowners in the design and placement of commonly requested exterior modifications.

The documents are intended to offer guidance. Some items may be completed without notice or without completing the Design Review Application process. Other items require submission of a Design Review Application for review and approval before the modification can be started and completed. Please read the notes carefully and if you have questions, please contact the Management office.

The King Farm Community Architect has developed sets of prototypical details for some of the typical homeowner requested changes. Some information is attached regarding materials that are permitted for routine maintenance. Please consult the Modification Guidelines for items not contained in this guide.

Please also note that any design change may also be subject to applicable King Farm Regulations of King Farm LLC and City of Rockville laws and regulations for permitting, construction, placement, and sound.

Please use the links below to see an overview of some of the frequently requested modifications referenced in the Design Guide.

  1. Alley Lighting – Alley Lights
  2. Antennas
  3. Decks – Decks, Porch, Patio, & Stairs
  4. Fences – Fencing and Sheds
  5. Garage Doors
  6. Landscaping
    1. Tree Replacement/Removal
    2. Yard Plantings (Bushes) – Yard Plantings
    3. Lawn (Grass)
  7. Lawn Edging – Lawn Edging and Lighting
  8. Mailboxes
  9. Metal Roof – Roof Shingles, Gutters, & Siding
  10. Paint Colors – Exterior Paint Colors
  11. Porch Handrails
  12. Recreational Equipment – Recreational & Other Lot Changes
  13. Roof Shingles – Roof Shingles, Gutters, & Siding
  14. Shutters – Shutters and Storm Doors
  15. Storm Doors – Shutters and Storm Doors
  16. Trim Materials
  17. Windows – Doors and Windows
  18. Other Changes
    1. Exterior HVAC and Solar Panels
    2. Driveways and Walkways