The King Farm 2021 Annual Meeting & Election:

** Please note: From the meeting on the 28th, the candidate vote counts were inadvertently mixed up. The correct vote counts can be found below. We apologize for any confusion.

The King Farm Citizens Assembly held its Annual Meeting of the Membership and Election virtually on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021.  KFCA President, Barry Jackson, presented the State of the King Farm report. The KFCA Treasurer, Ric Ricciardi, provided a brief presentation on the current annual budget and three (3) Board of Trustees members were installed during the meeting.

If you would like to read the 2021 State of King Farm report, the 2021 Treasurer’s Report, and other annual meeting documents, please go to the “Annual Meeting & Election” folder in the resident portal or use the link below.


The King Farm Board of Trustees election results were tallied and certified. 365 residents cast their vote and congratulations to the winners:

  • Sue Beckerman – 336 votes
  • Ric Ricciardi – 335 votes
  • Matthew Roh – 346 votes 

There continues to be many projects for the Board to take on as the community continues to mature and these candidates are eager to continue to make King Farm a place that all residents are proud to call home.

Congratulations to all the winners!