Administrative Resolutions
 Administrative Resolution No. 1-Procedures For Collection of Assessments 
 Administrative Resolution No. 2-Approval for Visual Changes 
 Administrative Resolution No.3-Vehicle Policies 
 Administrative Resolution No. 4-Procedures for Processing Cases 
 Administrative Resolution No.5- Insurance Requirements 
 Administrative Resolution No.6-Open Meeting Requirements 
 Administrative Resolution No. 7-Guidelines For Maintaining Adequate Funds 
 Administrative Resolution No. 8-Procedures for Amending the Annual Budget 
 Administrative Resolution No.9-Rules for Installation of Antennas (Unit) 
 Administrative Resolution No. 10- Rules for Installation of Antennas (Lots) 
 Administrative Resolution No. 11-Procedures for Enforcing Alley Lights 
 Administrative Resolution No. 12-Registered Affiliate of KFCA 
 Adminstrative Resolution No. 13-Pool Rules 

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