Condominium Associations

Condominium Associations

In addition to the governance of the Assembly, there are 18 individual condominium associations within our community, each with their own covenants, bylaws, and board of directors. Generally speaking, a condominium association's governing documents pertain to the piece of land that the building sits on, and the building itself; some associations own the parking lots adjacent to their buildings, while others are owned by the Assembly. Covenants regarding parking, acceptable balcony/patio furniture, etc., can vary greatly from one association to another, so be sure to read your documents carefully.

Monthly Assessment Breakdown

Housing Type

Total Monthly Payment to Assembly and Conservancy

Payment to Citizens Assembly

Payment to Conservancy

Townhome and Single Family Detached












Please note: these payments are incorporated into your monthly condominium fees and are paid in a lump sum by your condominium association. Your actual monthly payment to your management company is a combination of these fees and your condominium association fees. Please contact your management office for more information.

Condominium Management Information

If you've misplaced your condominium association's contact information, we've listed all the management companies!  Condominiums addresses and management companies contact information can be viewed by clicking here.


King Farm Citizens Assembly, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-987-0122