King Farm Citizens Assembly
The King Farm Citizens Assembly (KFCA) is the organization that controls and is responsible for determining and collecting monthly fees from residents, upholding property appearance standards, management of the finances in the community, setting basic policies and maintenance of all the common areas in the residential sections of King Farm. This includes all the "pocket parks", alleys, private streets, and the Community Center/pools. 
Some areas, like the grass between the sidewalk and a public street, are owned by the City of Rockville but are maintained by the KFCA under an agreement with the City. 
The Assembly's policies are set by the Board of Trustees
and its day-to-day operations are supervised by the Assembly President.

Monthly Assessment Breakdown

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Total Monthly Payment

Payment to Citizens Assembly

Payment to Conservancy

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The Assembly has other responsibilities, such as architectural control to maintain a consistent and pleasing physical environment within the community, and it also ensures compliance with internal regulations, both in the interest of maintaining property values and in keeping our community a great place to live. The KFCA also serves as the liaison between the community and the various governmental entities of which we are a part.

It's especially important to note that although condominium buildings have their own associations which are responsible for their association-specific issues, they also contribute to the common area upkeep through monthly fees paid to the KFCA.  Each condominium association hires its own management company, and these companies provide for maintenance, upkeep, and related services within the condominium.

Apartment buildings are also an integral part of the community and their owners are assessed appropriate fees by the KFCA for common area maintenance.

Please remember that the KFCA is not responsible in any way for the commercial or retail areas of King Farm.

 Governance and Elections

The KFCA is governed by an elected Board of Trustees (BoT) that consists of five members. Also elected separately and not a member of the BoT, the Citizens Assembly President carries out the policies of the BoT and serves as the chief executive of the community. In August 2004, the BoT came under "Citizen Control", at which point three of the Board seats were assigned to "Citizen Representatives" and two of the seats were appointed by the developer. As of the April 2006 Board elections, four board seats were assigned to Citizen Representative Trustees.  Eventually, as the developer's involvement with King Farm comes to an end, the BoT will consist of only Citizen Representatives.

King Farm citizens eligible to vote in KFCA elections are defined as adults 18 years old and older who reside in King Farm and are in good standing with the KFCA, defined as those who are not in arrears in any payments to the KFCA. Please note that being a citizen of King Farm is not the same as being a citizen of the U.S. or any other government, for example Russia or Virginia. In other words, if you live here you are a King Farm citizen.

The KFCA is financially supported by monthly fees from each titleholder. A titleholder differs from a citizen. A citizen is one who resides here whereas titleholders own the rental apartments, the condos, and the single-family homes. Titleholders of most-but not all-condos and single-family homes live here and are also citizens. Many citizens, primarily renters, are not titleholders but are eligible to vote for our community leaders.


King Farm Citizens Assembly, 300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-987-0122