Screamin Geese Swim Team

The King Farm Screamin' Geese Swim Team is a funded Registered Affiliate of the King Farm Citizens Assembly. The team has been formed to encourage informal, friendly competition at the neighborhood pool level and provide young people with the opportunity to participate in team competition during the summer within a fair and wholesome environment, in order to develop athletic skills, encourage sportsmanship and teamwork, and make neighborhood friends. The goal is to help young people feel good about themselves, grow as individuals, and learn to work effectively with coaches and teammates in an environment where every participant is a valued member of the team. The primary purpose of the competitive swim program is for the children to have fun while they grow and develop.

King Farm is a great, diverse, and growing community. Our children attend many schools during the year, and in summer it is great to see them reunited across the lines that sometimes divide them. The Screamin' Geese Swim Team is one way that we can draw together kids of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities to represent one thing - our pride as a community. We hope that you and your family will enjoy being part of the Screamin' Geese for this and many years to come.

Membership on the Screamin' Geese Swim Team is controlled by three factors - residency, minimum skills, and age. Membership is open to families who are homeowners or renters in King Farm - single family homes, condos, apartments, townhouses that are either owned or rented within the boundaries of the King Farm neighborhood. Because MCSL allows competition only up to age 18 (as of June 1 of the competition year), the Screamin' Geese also follow this maximum age guideline. There is no minimum age requirement, but all swimmers must meet the minimum skill level of pre-team regardless of age. During the swim season, the team practices twice daily and has 1-2 swim meets per week.

President: Tracy Jackson

Vice President: Megan Heitzmann

A-Team Rep: Vinita Gotting

B-Team Rep: Clarice Julka

Secretary: Natasha Herz

King Farm Swim Team Website

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